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Enzonix provides services for anyone, from you and your friends, to small businesses to large companies with millions of users we have solutions for anyone. Scaling with speed and performance we are ready to tackle anything.


Create your own personal space. Create your business. All for $0.99!

Object Storage

Need Storage? Our fast redundant Object Storage can help!

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Need some serious power? Ryzen and Intel hardware available now!

5 Minute Provisioning

Simple Setup

What is efficiency without simplicity?

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Our Products


$ 50 Month
  • 500GB SSD Storage
  • 32GB DDR4
  • 1 Gbit Network


$ 5
  • Redundant
  • Hot Storage
  • S3 Object Storage


$ 0
  • 4 Domains
  • 50GB NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited Accounts

Keep it Simple

Free Migrations

Have a service elsewhere but want to experience Enzonix? We can help! Contact us before or after purchase to discuss migrations.

Simple Clear Pricing

We don’t believe in price hikes. We have the most stable pricing in the market, if it ever changes you will know. Full Transparency.

DDoS Protection

Don’t loose money because of children on the internet. Get Protected with one of our many solutions!

99.95% Uptime

Without the uptime to support any business why should you trust us? We provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee with all our services.

Fast Setup

Once your invoice is paid the service will be delivered within 15 minutes or less. Dedicated servers can take up to 2 days.

Easy Panels

We make sure that all of our systems are designed to be the most user friendly. If you have a suggestion on how we can make something better let us know!

Some Reviews

As an Inexperienced Server Operator that barely knows how to work with Ubuntu, Enzonix was the best choice for me. They are extremely cheap and their support is amazing! They helped me quickly with any issues I had! Their DDoS protection is also excellent, I have never had anyone take my server offline, even with complex methods.
Dedicated cloud user
After moving my website to Enzonix I have never been happier! They have helped me with all my problems and even setup extensions for me on WordPress. Great provider for the low cost!
Webhosting user
When I first started using Enzonix there was alot left to be created, over the past 4 months I have watched it go from starting to full cloud provider! I use Enzonix for all of my projects web or gaming, and never have any issues. When I need help support is always available 24/7.
Virtual Cloud User

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