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Store Photos, Videos, Files and more with our TB Scale Cloud Storage.

What Makes our Storage Special?

With Enzonix Cloud Storage I am able to store all my photos and videos without paying extra fees for quality and sizes!

Fernando S.

Our Cloud Storage comes with 99.99% uptime in all locations, we always want you to have access to your files.

All of our data is stored in a cluster with 11 9’s of data durability. This ensures that no data will ever be lost. Know your files are safe.

We don’t perform intrusive modifications to our NextCloud Installs allowing our systems to remain stable and uninterrupted at all times.

We have done many optimizations to our network to make sure you are able to upload at the highest speed possible.

Once you order your service your storage and account will be available in 1-7 minutes. We always have stock available.

We have an Unlimited Storage tier available to our Cloud Storage Users. Read our Terms of Service to find out if it is a good fit for you!

With Cloud Storage we can store business data for cheap knowing that it will be safe! Providing accounts for our staff has been easy with Groups.

Michael W.

Cloud Storage at its Best.

At Enzonix we make sure that you are always able to access and manage your files. Data Security and Storage Availibility is a priority, we make sure that you are always given everything you expect, and more.

Store or Backup any data





Store in the Cloud

With support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone with the Sync and Explore apps we are able to provide a seamless experience for all users at half the cost of major providers.

Sync and share you files right from your desktop or file manager, don’t waste time on the interface get right to the enjoying. Simplicity is Key.

Want Some Free Storage?

We provide 5GB Free to any user, just sign up and get it without any wait!
This product is Provided free of charge and you may use it forever.
Abuse will not be tolerated.

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